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Aesthetic beauty face

Aesthetic beauty face
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350 грн.

Aesthetic beauty face
Aesthetic beauty faceУслуга
350 грн.
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Aesthetic beauty face



Complex Facial cleansing (Académie, FRANCE)     60-90 min    1500

Suitable to all skin types. Eliminates dead cells, cleans and reduces pores. Diminishes skin impurities and gives new brightness and natural radiance.

Ultrasound cleansing              45-60 min       650

An atraumatic, but efficient procedure. It will peel of dead cells quickly, improve your complexion, make your skin smooth and silky.


Facial massages:

Dermoplastic                        60 min          950

Deep lifting. It will reduce noticeably wrinkles near the eyes and lips, on the neck and forehead. It will improve blood circulation, remove edema, saturate tissues with oxygen and stimulate their nutrition.

French technique                 60 min          950

An excellent lifting effect will rejuvenate, lift up mimic wrinkles, remove the excessive liquid, ease inner tension. You will notice a change right after the first session.

Spanish face massage          60 min          950

Improves and restores the skin’s elasticity and radiance.

Aromamassage for face        120 min      1500

Total relax


Facial Skin Care Académie (FRANCE)


Académie Scientifique de Beauté’s company has been putting its experience at the service of beauty for more than one century. This family independent firm, heir to a long tradition of excellence and particularly attached to a 100% French production, has passed the soul of the brand from generation to generation.

Cryolifting                                   40 min        600

Owing to the cold effect, it will improve the general condition of skin immediately. It will remove edema around the eyes, saturate cells with oxygen, make your skin look healthy. If your skin must be glowing by the evening, this procedure is for you!

Hydra Fill (Académie, FRANCE)     90 min      1550

Specially designed for dehydrated and sensitive skin, this procedure helps to restore, retain, and reinforce the natural barrier in the deeper layers of skin allowing it to more effectively preserve moisture.

ANTI-AGE DE LUXE (Académie, FRANCE)   90 min     2100

This is an ideal non-invasive procedure providing swift recovery for the tone and elasticity of your skin. Additionally provides pore reduction, evens out complexion, lifts and moisturizes, which is all that is necessary for the ideal health and beauty of your face.

FRESH skin ( Academie, FRANCE)                60 min      1250

It is what you need before an important meeting or a date.Skin lightening, normalization of melanin production, epidermis densification.

EYE CARE (Académie, FRANCE)                    60 min       1250

Speedy restoration for the skin around your eyes, improving elasticity and tone.



Academia phenol peeling           40 min       670

It results not only in revival, but is also highly efficient for problem skin treatment. It evens the skin tone, mitigates inflamed cystic acne and rashes. It removes lymphatic congestion, inflammations and any infections.

Fruit AHA acid                               60 min       750

It will enable to solve the most widespread skin problems: surface and deep wrinkles, comedones, enlarged pores, thick and calloused skin, post-acne scars, uneven skin surface and pigment spots. It has an excellent moisturizing, whitening and lifting effect, activates exfoliation of old cells, stimulates collagen and elastane formation in skin, which improve its suppleness.

Enzyme peeling                           90 min       950

It will peel off and remove the excess of dead cells from the skin surface, cleanse impurities from the greasy skin with open pores, remove pigment spots.

Mandelic pell                               60 min       950

Improves and restores the skin’s elasticity and radiance. The product has a strong antioxidant and regenerative effect.


Injection therapy rejuvenation

Biorevitalization TEOSYAL           120-250 EUR

Biorevitalization is a unique method of prevention and correction of cosmetic defects of the skin saturating deeper subcutaneous layers with hyaluronic acid. This term can be literally translated as "the revival in the natural way."
Hyaluronic acid is a hydrocolloid which is a component of the intercellular substances type. This acid is involved in cell division and their nutrition, development of collagen which is responsible for normal skin hydration.

Biomesotherapy                           500-1500 UAH

Biomesotherapy is like an individual "cocktail" of anti-aging preparations chosen especially for you!

BOTOX (or Dysport) injection        100 EUR

Main target of Botox injections - facial wrinkles. They may appear in 18 years, just because you winking the sun, frowning at work or frowning when laughing.

Botox is recognized worldwide as a method of combating wrinkles around the eyes and other facial wrinkles.

Meso-wharton injection treatments     200 EUR

Meso-Wharton is the flagship injection treatment to reactivate the proliferation and differentiation of adult stem cells in older skin.  For 40+ patients.


Waxing zone 

Hot and warm wax depilation is one of the most demanded and efficient ways of undesirable hair removal nowadays. Its advantage is safety for skin and for health in general.

Facial zone                     120

Shins                              350

Legs                               650

Forearms                        250

Arms                              400

Armpits (underarms)        200

Bikini (only for ladies)       350

Deep bikini                      450

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